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do you feel like watching?

My name is Martin Šesták. I am a director of music videos, commercials, short product spots, real estate videos et cetera. 

I also work as an actor for which I studied Meisner technique at New York Film Academy back in 2012-2013, in NYC, USA. 

My journey through filmmaking has been a ride. I started shooting skateboarding videos and stunts as a teenager. Then I've done some amateur short films and started acting. As an actor I've played supporting roles in film and television and also some leading roles in smaller projects such as independent and student films. 

Being a creative soul, I also do a little bit of music, which brought me to directing music videos. I started with my own band and in a short while I was directing music videos for other bands. Feeling experienced enough for directing I came up with ideas for real estate videos which I've done for several clients and also directed a TV commercial for Pepsi in short period of time. And that's when I said to myself: "Alright Martin, from now on you're a director / actor!"

..and also / musician / arctic explorer / historian / backgammon player / rookie sailor / skateboarder / genealogist / interior designer / cook and what not, but these things are not what this website is about.

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